Who is Jerald Oon?

Hey there, I’m Jerald.

So, you’ve probably clicked on this page wondering “Who in the world is this Jerald Oon person?”. Well, there really isn’t that much to it. I’m just a young man studying in Singapore that decided to chase his dreams instead of thinking about doing them. Here is the platform where I grow my audience base by providing content centered around my talent and knack for writing. Now I run a content marketing firm which you can view by clicking the button in the menu titled “Our Business site”. This page in general just briefly explains 3 things that I believe are factors that drove me to start; namely the difference in personality, Schooling annoyances and personal passion. Let’s start from the top shall we?

I’m different from my family.

My parents and their parents have always been fantastic scholars and academics, but are always shy to admit it. Heck, even my younger brothers are likely more gifted in academics than I am. So from the moment I’ve recognised this, I’ve begun building this to try my hand at succeeding in a way none of my family members before me have before. They all want me to go to university and get employed in a company and slog my life away for something I might not even believe in. That is why I am the person I am today, struggling to succeed against what has been the cultural norm.

Schooling Fallacies.

I’m studying in a local business course in Singapore Polytechnic and the people I thought that I’d be meeting were not there(spare a select few). Largely the people in my course of study believe that building a business from scratch is something that can be done overnight, and completely misunderstand the concepts behind some teachings. This is normal; but what isn’t is the assumption that life will hand them whatever they want because of their good academic grades. This has thus driven me to strike out on my own and try my hand at doing real business. If anything, to just show that grades do not determine whether or not you succeed in life.

Passion for content and selling things.

Ever since I could read, I was captivated by the stories that writers and game developers could spin and I wanted to be able to be as good as they were. Innocent dreams of a little boy, I assure you. As I grew older and more mature, I realised that if you had a talent but had no way to earn from it, you’d be wasting a precious gift. Which is the sole reason why I sell my and my team’s talents here, to show the world that enjoying work is possible.