Copywriters; The Swiss Army Knife of the Marketing Arsenal

Copywriters are best described as the Alien in E.T. They’re immeasurably powerful, but deceptively difficult to understand what it is they actually do. Put simply, copywriters are the people that are responsible for getting your message across to your audience; be it your customers or readers in the most efficient way possible.

Copywriters are essentially content marketing specialists that are all about content and making the most of out it. It’ll simply take too long explain in detail each and every function (Would definitely take up two to three pages of space) copywriters are able to perform, so I’ll explain through some examples, what exactly do we copywriters do!

Remember all those marketing taglines/slogans you recall with crystal clarity? 

Some classics include Nike’s timeless slogan: “Just Do It.” Appealing strongly to its largely sporty/active customer base, its success is evident in Nike’s survival and thriving business. All while going down in history as one of the most recognized brands ever conceived. Chances are, that that motto which has burned itself into our memories was the brainchild of a talented copywriter, tasked with branding for the whole company.

To think one of the most well known phrases nowadays(aside from”Welcome To UNIQLO” ) was the work of an individual is nothing short of impressive.

Now think about it this way, if that writer had thought of something else, something worse, would you be able to recognize and recall Nike’s brand and motto as easily as you do now? Unless that copywriter came up with something as catchy and unique as “Just Do it.”, it’s safe to assume that Nike wouldn’t be in a position anywhere close to where it is today.

Content matters.Period.

That is one of the reasons why skilled copywriters are paid so much and are so hard to find! Companies that recognize the importance of content marketing would not hold back and spend on a writer that produces copies of exceptional quality.

Reason being that the copy written at the end of the day can either make or break a marketing campaign, by extension directly affect the company’s image. Additionally, great copywriters are able to communicate a memorable and impactful message within a few words; arguably a skill that only a select few have.

To illustrate my point, take for example a generic marketing company that has the slogan “Marketing and more that is 100% proven to give amazing results”.

It seems fine right? A claim backed up by results. No unreasonable expectations, unrealistic returns or mention of unacceptable compensation terms

But then, why does it only marginally succeed?

The reason for this is simply that a majority of companies (especially older ones) have trouble changing their marketing material to fit changing consumer tastes. A classic case of firms marketing their services ineffectively.

These Companies haven’t seen the value a talented copywriter can bring to the table. A skilled writer will likely shorten the slogan while making it more memorable and exponentially more persuasive.

Something along the lines of “Market like Starbucks today and start Selling like Apple tomorrow.”

Hot Damn.

Now that is a killer marketing slogan if I’ve ever seen one. The message is identical as the sentence that preceded it, but the second slogan is so much more effective at conveying the message intended while making it unforgettable. Let’s dissect this and find out why.

The message that the company wanted to put out is “We provide good marketing and we can help you sell efficiently.” There are two key points in that message; the emphasis on quality service, and the service showing results. Let’s do it one point at a time.

Quality Services

There are a hundred ways to show a reader that your company provides exceptional services but companies that haven’t shifted to cater to millennial tastes will completely ruin their chances of closing a deal.

An example of this being companies that try to convince readers to purchase their service by bombarding them with numbers, statistics and other complex figures. If your company is guilty of this, it is time to stop. Period. This may have worked in the past where people in general are much more conservative than they are today.

People nowadays don’t bother with statistics because of the internet’s sky-high penetration rate and rising technological literacy. Information is now so readily available to anyone that the audience of today cares about what defines you and not what you define.

This is where the second example above that threw in big household names like Starbucks and Apple succeeds where the first one fails. It shows to the reader that they can expect quality services without quoting a statistic, instead likening themselves to marketing legends like Starbucks. This instantly stands out to readers and makes them remember you for your brand.

Personally, I met a client who first addressed me as the “Sell like Apple guy” since the advertisement I put up had that specific tagline emphasized. Showcasing the power of the brand and how a skilled copywriter is the difference between your brand and your company being remembered or forgotten.

Results tried and tested

The second point of the message is largely of the same concept as the first. The cardinal sin of in the 21st century is putting statistics as a main point of interest in your marketing pieces.

Instead of hiding behind petty statistics that deep down you know now one really cares about, try being bolder with your marketing campaigns and content. Being unique, bold and creative in our modernized world is so much more valuable than having a thick folder of statistics and figures to back up a claim. That is what you have get right to make your customers remember your brand not just see the company as a faceless entity trying to hard – sell them something.

Even though we’ve talked in detail about content marketing in the form of slogans, the key points I’ve mentioned stay true for ANY content you plan to put out to the masses. Set a skilled copywriter loose to scrutinize any content you put out, or get one to craft the content from scratch. Heck, give all responsibility that revolves around content to a gifted copywriter. Do that and I guarantee you that your marketing campaigns will stop performing at just “okay” levels; and soon you too can start selling like Apple.

Thanks for your time, please leave feedback if you deem it necessary and of course, have a good week ahead!