Sales Copywriting, and how to succeed at it.

Why sales copywriting isn’t as easy as people say it is.

It really isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. At the core of sales copywriting, is the understanding of how your audience works and processes information. If you’ve ever even tried understanding women, I guarantee you that you know how challenging it is. All jokes aside, sales copywriting is not an easy skill to master. Everything from coming up with interesting content to selling the content efficiently to a specific group, it can seem daunting. Sales copywriting is easy to pick up but insanely difficult to master. Period.

That’s why we’re here to help make the learning slightly less unbearable for you. Here’s some of the most important tips our writers have to give when it comes to writing impressive content that sells.

Understanding People.

Probably the most frustrating reason for anything under the sun. People are so different from one another that it’s challenging to come up with a sales copy that really compels people. That is also the defining factor that separates fantastic sales copywriters from the amateurs. Skilled sales copywriters are able to produce content that is tailored to their target audience by doing research on the people he or she is targeting. Therefore getting the sales copy to especially resonate with the reader and compel them to buy a good or service.

Even more proficient writers are able to change their style of writing on the fly to fit the details of the people they’re trying to persuade! 

The key to writing tailored content for your sales copy is to research your audience; find out how they behave, what they like and dislike. Only then can you really begin to write content that is meant for thee audience. Countless research pieces show that people are far more comfortable working with something they’re familiar with. Study your readers diligently and practice writing religiously; eventually you’ll be able come up with content that not only amazes, but sells.

Read, Read and Read some more.

Reading really helps your writing ability, believe you me. Even world renowned authors like Stephen King said so; “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.” For more from one of the best authors of our generation,
And that’s so true! Someone who has never spent a day in their lives reading will not have the basic understanding of how writing works. Reading anything from a well-written piece from a newspaper to a good book will improve your writing ability tremendously. This practice of course is a discipline; reading on a constant basis will naturally improve your ability to churn out impactful content for anyone. However, if you cheat and read once in a while whenever you feel like it, you only have yourself to blame for having stagnant writing ability.
One of the best ways to get into the habit of reading is getting to know what genre you like, and paying a visit to the library. You’ll honestly be surprised at the amount of good reads that the old shelves and older librarians hide.(I’m Kidding). Once you’ve fallen in love with a story, the hardest part is over and now all you have to do is continue reading! Keep at it and before you know it, writing anything from a composition to a sales copy will gradually ease. 

Practice,Practice and more practice

I know you’ve heard this more times than you remember; be it from your overly fussy parents to your teachers throughout schooling years. Like it or not, it’s true! From multiple studies produced by various educational institutions around the world to individual experience; If you dont spend time to become good at something, chances are you’ll never get proficient at it. Sales copywriting is no exception to this concept. If you only spend a  portion of your time casually practicing without a schedule or discipline you follow, you’ll likely forget all about your goal eventually. Worry not, it’s completely normal to want to forget once in a while; but bear in mind that it stands between you being proficient at writing and you staying an amateur.

If at any point in your life you have tried to follow a strict fitness regime; you’ll definitely understand just how damn challenging it is to stick to a regimented lifestyle. However, if you’ve followed your plan exactly, you’ll know that you will see some form of success; big or small. 

I know comparing writing to a fitness regime is abstract, but the concept of forming a practice and maintaining a discipline around that works if you want to achieve your goals! It’s much easier said than done, trust me, sticking to a schedule of any kind is just plain annoying. Explains why most of us in school absolutely hated the timetable system and relished the freedom of choosing what to attend in tertiary education. 

The road ahead may seem long and daunting, but fret not. You know that your practice will eventually yield results and use that as your motivation, if nothing else.

There you have it! The 3 main things that sales copywriters stress importance on when learning to write. For more fantastic insights and unleashing the writer within you, you need not look further. We hope you enjoyed this piece and if you did, do feel free to share it on your social media sites! It would mean the world to us.

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