Hello, I'm Jerald Oon

Hey there! You, yes you. The one reading this right now. Welcome to my personal brand site. You might’ve seen me around during a networking session, a keynote speech or on another website. Since you’re here, you’re likely thinking;

Who is this guy?

There’s not much to it, but here’s the gist of it. I’m a young man currently running a business with my partner and co-founder in Singapore while also being marketing partners for large firms in Singapore like AIA and MacDonald’s. Running a business takes time. A lot of time. Which is why I’ve chosen to focus on chasing my dream of doing business instead of just thinking about doing it. I’m in charge of Content marketing at our company, while my partner handles the technical aspects of it all. Throughout my time doing business I’ll have learned many things during it all and would love to share them with you! So, this is where I place most of my insights on doing business and just general thoughts on the industry, the market, among other things.

This page, however will briefly go through the three things that I sparked my interest and drive for doing business. So, let’s begin.

I’m different from my family.

My parents and their parents had a long history of being fantastic scholars and academically gifted, but are always shy to admit it. My brothers too are extremely academically inclined and perform great in school. For myself, I’ve never been anywhere close to that level. Studying hard just to get only mediocre results for nearly all my exams; for all my years in all my schools, made me realise that going through the standard path of success isn’t going to work for me. I hated the classroom and that’s why I tried my hand at succeeding in a way none of my family has before; through building a business as soon as I can. I’m never going to be one of those that’re slogging their lives away in a large MNC that I don’t believe in. And that desperation and that dream is what drove me to be who I am today. The person struggling and husting hard to succeed against a long-standing cultural norm.

Schooling and Educational bungles.

Here’s some context. I’ve studied in a local business course in a tertiary institution in Singapore with the aim of being able to learn business skills that I could use in the future to grow my business. Or at least, that was the intent when I first enrolled there. After the first 6 months or so of studying and yielding awful grades, I reflected on what I’ve been studying and realise that; I’ve not learned anything even remotely useful. And on top of that, my peers all had mindsets that were worlds apart from my own. After realising and coming to terms with all of this, I decided that the only way to reach my dream is to chase it now and to show the world that grades do not determine whether you succeed in this game of life.

Passion for Story crafting and selling a message.

No matter how cheesy it sounds, I’ve always loved and was captivated by the stories that writers and game developers could tell from just a piece of text. And ever since then, it’s always been my goal to be as good as they were. That little aspiration of mine hasn’t died till this day and I’m still always enjoy reading through the work of my favourite creators. As I grew older, I also realised something. That these creators that I love all have a talent that they managed to monetise. After grasping this, I started doing my homework on how I could leverage on my talent for content; be it through speaking or writing to grow something that I can be proud of in the next decade. Fast forward a few years and here I am, still chasing my dream and honing my talent.