Is your Brand working for you? Or against you?

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Hey, my name is Jerald.

I’ve helped many businesses and individuals Build brands that
overcome competition and boost revenue through digital design and branding.

Without a great brand, You’re not going to stand out from the crowd

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

My Brand Agency Method


This strategy covers branding, marketing and customer relationships and completely overhauls the way you’ll do business and keep on crushing it.

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Branding, Marketing and Digital Content Essentials


My branding consultancy and some of my clients

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I’ve had the immense privilege of working with these companies over my time as a branding consultant and have helped them streamline their communications, products and services. Helping them to better appeal to their core audiences and guide them through the S.W.E.A.Rs framework.


What people say


Zames Chew

Entrepreneur, Business leader
Founder of

“I’ve worked with Jerald for like 2+ years now for many things, ranging from content writing, brand consulting, design work and much more. I admire how he’s able to translate ideas and concepts into tangible assets that my customers can experience which is bolstered by his go-getting attitude towards his work.”

Han Wai
Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

I would highly recommend Jerald to other business owner for his ability to bring clarity and strategically plan out sales funnel. The way he breaks down awareness of brand from a consumer's perspective is indeed eye opening. Within one session, we were able to come up with new products ideas and ways to increase my following.”

Maa Zhi Hong

TODAY Online Columnist
Motivational Speaker

“Jerald’s insight and knowledge about his field is extremely impressive. I have benefited tremendously from his counsel and advice in just a short one hour session. If you want to get advice or insight for your personal or corporate brand, Jerald is the man for the job.”

 Mike Li

Life Coach, Professional Trainer
and Financial Advisor

“I engaged Jerald to help design my website. During the entire planning process, he has helped me clarify my direction about how I would best leverage my website for the outcome I want. Jerald was more than just a website designer. He helps you gain clarity so that your website is best utilized to connect with my audience”

Coen Tan

The Authentic Communicator.
International coach and trainer

“When I first met Jerald, it was to seek his help in repairing and redesigning my personal and corporate sites. I’m amazed at how well he understands my core message and branding. He and his team are able to represent me and my brands in a way that gets me excited for what we’re going to work on next.”

Caleb Low

Social Media Strategist/Coach
Image and Perception consultant

“I’m really thankful for the conversation I had with Jerald about my brand. It forced me to think of my business as a seamless integration of key frameworks. More importantly, turning those insights into a consistent message for my brand.”

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“Opportunity is missed by people because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

— Thomas Edison